Nik Naidenow, 03.07.20, 2020, acryl on canvas, 80x100cm
Nik Naidenow, 14.01.20, 2020, acryl on canvas, 80x100cm
Nik Naidenow, 15.09.20, 2020, acryl on canvas, 80x100cm
Fine and Digital
Art combined
Two artworks in one:
on the wall & on the screen
Scan your artworks
with the App Artivive
& bring it to life
Augmenta Gallery
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Augmenta Gallery is an online art gallery that brings together fine and digital art. With the app Artivive you experience art in an extended form: the pictures are brought to a second, virtual life through augmented reality.

Augmenta Gallery represents abstract painters as well as virtual artists. The gallery unites their works and networks them with each other to make them create a new form of art.

Augmenta Gallery curates online and pop-up exhibitions. We welcome inquiries for private viewings. We are happy to mediate between your artwork at home and our virtual artists.


Exclusive offers – Inspiring novelties – Invitations to art events



  • Hello Artlovers

    Augmenta Gallery is online! Find your favorite painting, download the app Artivive and enjoy fine and digital art. From now on you can discover latest artworks on the website of Augmenta, in exhibitions and at fairs. Here and on social media I keep you up to date – stay tuned and subscribe to the newsletter!

    I am very excited to take this journey through the (digital) art world with you! Leave your feedback & love here!


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